你通过这个列表走了以后,你需要做的前两名食谱是我的烧烤California Steak Salad with Chimichurri Dressingand my蜜拉差烤鸡腿。




烤制isn’t just for men y’all! Girls can grill too!

I’ve had a lot of you ask me questions about grilling. Questions from doneness temperatures, to best grills, favorite grilling tools or how to make the grill the center of your summer entertaining. Well, I’m here to answer all of those questions with my NEW Summer Grilling Series and it starts TODAY! We are gonna go through… All the things! Trust me. First up is this Grilling Essentials Guide. After all, you gotta have the goods before you can make the goods. Am I right? Ok, let’s dive in. And as always, if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask!

a collage of gas, charcoal and wood pellet grills



Ťop Gas Grills

  • 韦伯烤炉- 最热的燃气烧烤今年夏天是韦伯系列峰会。It has a rotisserie option, Infrared burners,
    Lighted control knobs, storage9mm diameter stainless steel cooking grates, a Smoker box to infuse wood chips into your food, a Side Burner and Stainless steel side tables. A cheaper option that is a bit smaller but gives you all the same bells and whistles is theGenesis Series
  • Char-Broil- 有两个热烤架那里现在由字符沸腾。第一个是有Gas2Coal烧烤- 你可以有缓解气格栅,或只能在炭火来取得的巨大口味烹饪。随着炭火烤Gas2Coal,你现在可以有两个,都在一个强大的烧烤。第二格栅是他们ŤRU-Infrared 3 burner Grill随eXCLUSIVE不锈钢表面增加的风格和耐用性。TRU-红外烹饪技术,以防止突然发作,甚至可以提供热和烹调食物多汁。陶瓷涂层格栅耐用,防锈性能和易于清洁
  • 火焰- 这是我们的烧烤。它被认为是一个溢价或专业的燃气烧烤炉。我们有天然气一个在建在户外厨房坐镇,这是一个40″ grill(we grill A LOT) and has five burners. I absolutely LOVE it and would buy it again in a heart beat. If you don’t have a natural gas option, here is a独立式烧烤with propane underneath.
  • 拿破仑- 另一个溢价或专业烧烤是你是一个高手烧烤和我一样!该拿破仑的威望is a great mid level for Napoleon. It has a side burner for additional grilling space, a rotisserie kit, rear burners which brings in more overall heat, stainless steel grill grates, huge surface area for grilling and infrared burners. If you are a serious grilling and want to one up the Prestige line, then拿破仑的LEX730RSBI天然气烧烤是专门设计有陶瓷后红外线燃烧器,红外线嘶嘶声区底部燃烧器和范围侧燃烧器。制造大尺寸的不锈钢,这种格栅有您需要的室外厨房体验所需的一切。

Best Charcoal Grills


  • Weber Original Kettle Premium Grill- 拉斯特弹性,基业长青。这架带有镀钢和铰链篦。盖子手柄配有隔热罩和碗是瓷漆包线。另外,我有一个lidAluminized钢一触式清洁系统。是!这是一个经过时间考验的最爱,韦伯被称为它的质量。
  • Kamado乔– The Kamado Joe Classic II includes new innovation, featuring a thick-walled, heat-resistant shell that locks in smoke and moisture at any temperature. You can get the optimal smoke at 225°F with precise temperature control using the unique Kontrol Tower Top Vent or ramp up the fire to sear some steak at 750°F with direct charcoal flavored heat on the 2-Tier Divide & Conquer grill system. You’ll get premium results with theKamado乔for any type of grilling or smoking you do!



  • Traeger铁木集- 我的兄弟有这一个,绝对喜欢它!Ť他铁木系列是Traeger烧烤最具创新的产品与WiFIRE技术,让厨师随时与您的手机控制从任何地方的烧烤当中。您可以监控温度,设定时间,接收警报,以及定制的食谱煮周期。该铁木系列也有一个内置的颗粒传感器,当你在小球运行的提醒你低。烧烤它热快,或低,慢,Traeger铁木系列颗粒Grill餐厅提供6合1多功能烧烤,烟,烤,烧,烩,烧烤和食品多汁完美
  • Ťraeger Wood Pellet Grill- 不要使用燃气或木炭再次:用木做饭只是口味更好。Traeger创建了最初的木球格栅为最终的方式来实现的燃木的味道。该Digital Pro Controller rocks Advanced Grilling Logic, which maintains a +/- 15 degree F temperature control to guarantee precision grilling.Traeger烤架内置为Sturdy耐用:具有强大的钢​​结构和耐用粉末涂层,容易清洁瓷烧烤格栅和全地形轮毂制造。你会喜欢他们!

a collection of my favorite go to grilling tools and accessories



  • 烧烤工具套装– A 4 piece set that has the essential is the best place to start and this烧烤工具套装对长钳,汉堡铲,涂抹刷和烧烤叉木柄。
  • 肉类温度计- 我最喜欢的之一肉类温度计低地。我有一个长扩展,这样你就不会burn your fingers over the grill, a backlit digital display, and the option to select meat types with built in doneness temperatures.
  • 烧烤刷– I’ve tried a couple different grill brushes and at the end of the day the one that does the best job in my book is this one. I recommend you turn your grill up to the highest heat to burn off anything on the grill grates and then use这个刷to scrub it squeaky clean.
  • 烧烤篮/烧烤炉排- 没有更多的损失蔬菜上下格栅,这是必须的,当涉及到烧烤工具!其中一个最简单和最快的方式来烤了新鲜的蔬菜,甚至虾用烧烤篮!你从烧烤的味道,但不上了乱七八糟的!
  • Basting Brush- 我已经走了silicon basting brush路线这是耐热的,但发现我失去更多的酱倒在烧烤,因为酱油并不总是坚持刷。而且我已经走了classic bbq basting brush,I’ll let you chose. I prefer the later, but fair warning, the later is harder to clean. Either way, you’re gonna need a basting brush if you want to infuse flavor and definitely if you are making BBQ Chicken orBBQ Baby Back Ribs
  • 烧烤钳- 除非你有耐热的手,你会需要一双好翻转你会烤出美丽的托斯卡纳ribeyes。我很喜欢,可以将其锁定到位,这些都是长期与易握的两端没有防滑握把,这是一个必须拥有的问候烧烤工具的人。
  • 不锈钢串- 我最喜欢的事情,使烤架上的烤肉串。他们是健康的,方便,好吃又好看。我个人使用不锈钢串因为当金属变热它有助于从内部也让你有完美的串烧煮的肉煮。该双叉串烧really make sure your meat and vegetables stavy in place and don’t move around on the grill when you’re flipping.
  • Wooden Skewers– If you don’t like stainless steel but still want to make those pretty牛排串烧then木串将你的果酱。只要记得把它们浸泡在使用前至少30分钟。
  • 雪松木板板– Grilling on acedar plank让你做饭你的食物低,速度慢于它自己的汁液,同时还具有鲜明的雪松的味道,你会喜欢它注入!这些都是烧烤的季节必须的,将永远改变鲑鱼为您服务!
  • 烧烤手套- 我丈夫喜欢这些,因为当你有这些耐热宝宝,你可以抓住牛排从烧烤用你的手或翻转不锈钢串,没有钳需要!这是男人的男人!有两种,silicone gloves或者高耐热手套。我们有和迈克喜欢这是大多数烧烤坑的主人使用的硅。
  • 竹菜板- 特大型竹削减美国银行rd或砧板与侧面汁捕手是在我家的主食。这就是我把我的肉上休息,我扒了上去。我切开我的所有肉类,因为如果汁做出来的,我知道他们不会在柜台上拿!我也用这种油来确保我照顾木材和它持续了很长的时间。
  • 肉类Marinading盘- 这是一个伟大的易于使用的长百惠,让您腌的肉在气密盖的容器,以确保没有其他在你的冰箱被污染。




  • Adjustable Non-Stick Burger Press– Don’t get me wrong I can form burgers myself, but if I can take an easy button and put the ground beef in a汉堡压力机获得完美的大小侯佩岑每次...我可能只是借此轻松烧烤工具!
  • 毛绒汉堡新闻– Amp you’re burgers up this season by stuffing them with gooey cheese or bacon! These easystuffed burger press让这一梦想变成现实!
  • 铸铁架出版社– When you’re making Brick Chicken or just trying to get a nice sear on the outside of your meat, a cast irongrill presscomes in super handy in the realm of grilling tools. The weight of it really helps press your protein into the grill giving you that seared crunchy crust everyone loves and also helps press out unwanted fats and oils while grilling.
  • 绗缝锅- 将本basting pot不管你正在使用烤架上保持酱升温,整个时间!
  • Wide Spatula- 这锅铲有一个舒适的防滑手柄带角度的颈部,以帮助保持你的手和手臂远离热源。该wide spatulahead is designed for expertly turning fish, large pizzas, steaks or anything else that needs a wide mouth spatula so it doesn’t fall apart in the flip.
  • 釉面披萨盘- 这披萨盘产生非常脆壳和双打的切割面,wohoo!这个釉面披萨盘承受非常高的热量,因此它可以在烤箱或烤架上使用!
  • Pizza Oven Kit– You know how I’ve been making pizzas on the grill? Well, this is the ultimatepizza oven kit,将让你用最好的木炭烘烤比萨EVER!
  • 鱼烧烤篮- 不要再应付另一条鱼屠杀!轻轻地放在你的鱼在这个综合烧烤篮并确保您每次都完美的烤鱼不留一半在烤架上。
  • Drop Bottom Charcoal Chimney– A charcoal chimney starter with a quick-release降底makes starting your charcoal grill fast & easy. Fill the chimney with charcoal & light it, once your coals are hot, squeeze the trigger to drop the charcoal into your grill. Easy Peasy!
  • 吸烟者箱- 杨维龙烤肉,海鲜和蔬菜有樱桃木,胡桃木或梅斯基特不使用吸烟!这种易于使用的盒子可以通过浸泡你的木屑,将它们放置在此得到同样的效应吸烟者箱到那么注入了一个美味咬!





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